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With all sorts of apps and websites to learn piano online, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Of course, one’s individual learning methods, personal goals, and personal taste will play a large role in what will be the ideal method for learning music online. The creators of Pianu have developed a unique and fun way to approach learning piano as a beginning online student.

To be clear, Pianu isn’t necessarily a service you’d use to become a virtuoso pianist, but their unique learning method makes learning piano as a beginner so fun that you never know where this path will lead you!

How to Learn Piano Online With Pianu

Pianu offers five different options for learning piano online ranging in price from $14 per month to a flat fee of $275 for a lifetime membership. This membership gives the user access to a library of lessons, songs, and technique training in an environment that makes learning piano online feel more like a video game than a piano lesson. With Pianu, gone are the days of spending countless hours playing the same monotonous exercises over and over again, or working on unfulfilling piano pieces lacking in artistic gratification. Pianu gets you up and running playing the piano quickly in a manner that feels more like Guitar Hero than Whiplash.

Do I Need Any Equipment to Learn Piano Online With Pianu?

While it’s possible to learn without keyboard, the Pianu website clearly states that it’s strongly recommend to use a MIDI keyboard to accompany your learning. They include a list of recommended keyboard and hardware, but beyond that, all you’ll need is a computer and a Pianu membership. I’m a huge fan of the Casio Privia line of keyboards, specifically the Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano (Black), most any MIDI keyboard will work quite well. This might factor into your decision as to whether to purchase an acoustic piano or a digital piano.

From there, all you need to do is go through Pianu’s courses at your own pace and learn songs from their extensive library of classical and pop selections. The great thing is that even if you progress slowly in the beginning (as many do), you can enjoy the experience of feeling like you’re playing a video game, so what could feel quite tedious instead is incredibly fun and delightful.

Who Is Pianu Best For?

Pianu is perfectly suited for an adult beginner who doesn’t have the time or energy to travel to a piano teacher’s studio and who is interested in learning to play piano for their own enjoyment or relaxation. Pianu is also well suited for a younger student who might not respond well to an overly structured environment, or if parents are unsure as to whether the student will stick with the lessons. In either of the latter examples, Pianu would be an excellent way to test the waters to assess the student’s interest before investing in an expensive lesson package with a credentialed piano teacher. That said, even after making the jump to private lessons, Pianu would be an excellent supplement to private lessons as a way for the student to learn repertoire of their own choosing. Some piano teachers will focus more on technique and more traditional repertoire even at the risk of having the student lose interest. Pianu allows the student to learn their favorite Lady Gaga songs or Game of Thrones music in addition to the material they study in their private lessons. Another point worth mentioning is that this can be a great incentive to motivate students to spend more time on their instrument, and any such time is well spent.


Pianu is one of the most innovative online piano teaching systems I’ve seen in quite some time. The price is incredibly reasonable, and it’s so much fun that I can’t imagine anyone using it without getting hooked on making music. This product is a great option either on its own or as a supplement to private lessons.

Click on the link below to learn piano online with Pianu:

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