Best Holiday Gifts for Musicians in 2020

With the holiday times upon us, many of us are searching for that perfect gift for the musicians and music teachers in our lives. Many of us have also grown tired of seeing the same cliche piano keyboard ties and musical coffee mugs. In this post, we’ll show some of the more unique gifts available for the musicians and music teachers in your lives.

Weddingstar 3-Ply Washable Cloth Reusable Face Mask

What gift list in 2020 would be complete without a face mask? This cloth reusable face mask is adjustable, has a slot for a filter, and shows off your love of music.

This musical face mask also features an adjustable nose clip and adjustable ear loops. It’s reusable and washable. As long as we’ll need to wear face masks, you might as well personalize the experience. Available here for $9.99 on Amazon, it’s also incredibly reasonably priced.


Fender Jack Rack- Wall Mounting Guitar Amp Key Holder

What better gift could you possibly give to your favorite guitarist than this fun key holder? Made to look like an actual Fender amp head, you can store your keys by inserting them into one of the jacks on this officially licensed Fender wall-mounted key holder.

Available here on Amazon for $33.99.


Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit

This is certainly one of the more unique holiday gifts I’ve seen. The Kikkerland Make Your Own Music Box Kit allows you to punch holes into the paper strips provided to create a music box which plays your own melodies. This is perfect for a musician or music student with an interest in engineering and/or music technology.

Available here from Amazon for $20.32


Original Musical Instrument Patent Prints 1908-1951

I love vintage (and vintage looking) prints, and these are some of the coolest and most unique I’ve seen, especially for musicians. These are a set of four prints of reproductions of the original patent drawings for the US patent office of the french horn, saxophone, trumpet, and flute. Very unique and certainly a conversation starter.

Available here on Amazon for $13.94


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